Wesco international has been conceived in the light of the corporate objective to market and distribute petroleum products, applying most modern method and customer satisfaction techniques to achieve desire market. Participation in the first year of operation. To accomplish this objective company’s effort will be concentrated at operating effectively, as a manner that its consumer supplies activities receive maximum support and strength. Wesco international caters to diverse clientele representing the major players of different business categories that play a prominent role in shaping the nation’s economy. The line and staff activities have been determined and group into separate functional group as under:

• General management
• Marketing
• Operation

1. General Management:
While, the management function will be performed by the partners. The management of the company will be run by the general manage assisted by the technical manager known as executive committee. The executive committee will formalize the vision initiate and approve the company short and long-term objectives, policies, operating programs, plans, strategies, budgets and review performance with a view to achieve the vision.

2. Marketing:
To facilitate our customers, we have developed a telemarketing wing closely interacting with our clients of their need on a daily basis, ensuring timely processing of supply order, delivery schedule, supply conformation and payment collections are all executed through one window operation.

3. Operation:
Our company has developed fleet management system through which supplies are canalized:
• Bulk Supplies
• Retail Supplies

Bulk Supplies
This contains supplies through Lorry / Bowser directly from storage terminals to customer’s outlets. We ensure that our logistics supervisor accompanies the lorry till final decantation of the product at it’s destination. Minimum supply per lorry is 5000 Liters.

Retail Supplies
This contains supplies through Lorry / Bowser directly from storage terminals to customers who require facilities from 20-liters cans to 300-liters tanks. Our company has transportation fleet of 4 Lorries with a capacity of supplying 10,000 liters per shift which exclusively caters to Consumer / Industrial Supplies, which is managed by 20 fleet members and 2 Supervisors.